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“To put it simply, they are the best credit advisors I’ve ever encountered.”
—Anthony Lolli, Founder & CEO, Rapid Realty

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After nearly two decades in the real estate industry, I’ve dealt with plenty of credit advisors, and to put it simply, Alan Hayon and Credit Advisory Group are the best I’ve ever encountered. Their cutting-edge technology, emphasis on communication and transparency, and their work ethic make them a perfect match for Rapid Realty.

We work with a lot of clients who need education about their credit. Credit Advisory Group has the experience and know-how to help our clients achieve those goals. They’re Certified FICO® Professionals, so they understand a credit report beyond a simple number.

These days, a strong credit report is more important than ever before in real estate. I’m proud to have my company affiliated with Credit Advisory Group because they know what a difference their services make in the lives of the people they help, and they are willing to go to the ends of the earth to take care of their clients.

Anthony Lolli, Founder & CEO, Rapid Realty
I have known Alan Hayon, for over ten years in the mortgage business. We met when I was an account executive at BNC mortgage. At the time, Alan was a loan officer at and a top producer with this company. We later both worked together at TopDot Mortgage. At Topdot, Alan was number one nationally as an FHA originator. Alan has a tremendous drive that has shown in his production with these companies.

Since Alan has opened his own company, Credit Advisory Group, my team and I have been using his expertise in credit and the mortgage lending business. My team has been working with Alan’s company for the past several years, and we consistently get great feedback from our customers. Alan is willing to work with the customers and help with home buying seminars. His partnership and dedication to my team has shown through and we are extremely pleased with his services.

I highly recommend Alan and Credit Advisory Group.

Kendra Aliano, Lending Manager NMLS ID 16372 Mortgage Banking, Chase
I have known Alan for the better part of five years and in that time I have grown to know him both as a person and as a business professional. He is a true professional and gentleman. His vast knowledge of the credit industry goes unparalleled. His constant communication during the process goes unmatched. He is a true pioneer in FICO® education. I am very fortunate to have him as a business partner and highly recommend him to everyone.
Roberto Lupi, CEO, Residential Home Funding Corp.
I would just like to share a positive experience I had with a friend of mine who is the President and CEO of Credit Advisory Group.  If you are not using someone for FICO® education already or not happy with your current relationship I strongly suggest working with Alan as he is a great partner to have.
Jeffrey Feldman, Private Client Mortgage Banker, Employee Lending, JP Morgan Chase
It’s great to work with Alan Hayon because he’s efficient, he’s accessible, and he’s always on top of his game. If a client has questions, he’s always there to provide answers and talk them through the next steps they need to take. He goes above and beyond to help his clients and ensure everything goes smoothly.

Joining forces with Credit Advisory Group is one of the best decisions Rapid Realty ever made, because they’re a team that gets things done. Credit Advisory Group truly helps educate people about FICO® scores and equip them with the tools to realize their dreams.

Raymond Ruiz, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner and Area Developer, Rapid Realty
I have referred over a dozen clients for FICO® education to Alan… He is very responsive to the clients and he is a pleasure to work with. My borrowers have all been incredibly happy and best of all, his fees are incredibly affordable and the value they bring goes well above and beyond the costs.
Timothy M Kennedy, NMLS #26323, Mortgage Loan Originator, US Mortgage Corporation
All of the clients and borrowers have been extremely pleased with Alan’s service, I would highly recommend to all of our loan officers to use Alan’s service. Their Certified FICO® Education is second to none!
Frank Leone, Senior Sales Manager, NMLS #26327,
Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Bankers
I deal with FICO® scores all day long and have been approached by other so called “experts” about their services! So when Alan approached me, I was stand offish and didn’t really care thinking how is this going to improve my business. This week alone I got 2 phone calls about clients that had used Credit Advisory Groups Certified FICO® and that they are ready to move forward and the best part was they put the clients back in touch with me. That is an extra two deals I will have now because I sent Alan those files weeks and weeks ago!

My favorite part about working with Alan is that he will fight to get the clients back for you.  Now that is a FICO® Education at its best!!”

Josh Nyer, Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator,Residential Home Funding, Corp.
Working with Credit Advisory Group has been very valuable to our growing organization. They’ve educated our clients with given them the tools for lasting success with their FICO® scores. Credit advisory group has been a great partner to us, and we’re thankful to have them as part of our team. Bottom line: Credit Advisory Group gets the job done.
Carlos Angelucci, CEO, Rapid Realty
The first time I met with Alan Hayon, what was supposed to be a half-hour meeting to learn about Credit Advisory Group’s services turned into two hours. He’s so knowledgeable and personable, and he had so much great information to share, that we just kept going. And the more I learned, the more impressed I was.

Credit Advisory Group’s back-end client services are phenomenal. Their technology makes it easy for a client to track their FICO® scores and education. Trusting someone to educate people on FICO® scores can feel daunting. Being able to easily monitor and assess your progress at any point is a fantastic thing in this sector.
The kind of individualized care and attention and meticulous reporting that Credit Advisory Group provides, as well as Alan’s attention to detail and emphasis on maintaining open lines of communication, are second to none.

Stephanie Barry, Chief Sustainability Officer, Rapid Realty
I was introduced to Alan Hayon with Credit Advisory Group from two employees here at Westbury Toyota. I normally wouldn’t believe I could learn anything from a Certified FICO® Professional because I’ve heard it all before. Then I walked into a Bethpage Federal Credit Union branch and learned that they also refer Alan Hayon. After that, I decided to give Alan and his company a shot and the feedback has always been positive. He calls the clients right away, and makes them feel comfortable enough to move forward and get started on the Certified FICO® Education. I like the fact that I can sell someone a car and help them to be in a better place financially.

Last but not least, I have my own log in credentials to keep a working list of my all my files and I can also check individual progress on each. This makes follow up simple and quick. I would STRONGLY recommend his services to anyone in my field.

Julio Escobar, Finance Manager, Westbury Toyota
There are a lot of people out there who can truly use Certified FICO® education because credit seems so huge and mystifying that it becomes too scary to deal with. Once a person reaches that point, they’re willing to believe anyone who comes along with information, even if it is wrong. But Alan Hayon doesn’t just sell you on a dream. He cares about his clients, and he cares about their education.

Credit Advisory Group’s user interface is fantastic, and they work with you at every step of the process to make sure you completely understand your situation and the tools they’re going to use to help you. They give you the education you need to feel comfortable, instead of feeling like it’s all out of your hands. They develop a personalized plan to take you on the journey to understand FICO® scoring, and they make it feel attainable and manageable. They turn that mountain back into a molehill.

Alan and his team make you feel like you’re back in control. Nothing less than five stars.

Rodney Bonds, Area Developer
Alan is a longtime friend and work colleague whose Certified FICO® Education skills are second to none. As you may know I am not the type to promote or refer just anyone however I have recently had the pleasure of dealing with Alan and his Credit Advisory Group directly on a personal level. I appreciated their hands on approach in working with me and walking me through every step of the way.  Furthermore the Credit Advisory Group’s portal allowed me to easily log in and see exactly what was transpiring with my FICO® scores keeping me 100% informed throughout the entire process. The Credit Advisory Groups system from beginning to end is extremely simple and the results speak for themselves.

With Alan’s Credit Advisory Groups system I can certainly see how a Mortgage professional can close more business while helping their valued clients understand their personal Fico scores.

Robert H. Keil, Senior Commercial Relationship Manager, Bethpage Federal Credit Union

These are testimonials from actual clients and professionals who have used our Certified FICO® Education services. You can email or call any of the professionals here for further reference!


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